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Spring Attractions Spring Attractions
Spring time for Aomori starts around April. With the snow melting, small buds and leaves start sprouting in colors of yellow and red. This is known as “Spring Momiji”. While there is still some snow present, the colorful leaves and flowers provide an interesting contrast for the eyes.
World's Famous - Hirosaki Sakura Festivalり
World's Famous - Hirosaki Sakura Festival

Hirosaki Park and its cherry blossoms are know as one of the best scenic spots in Japan. Blue sky, majestic mountains, blooming cherry blossoms, and a castle. Cherry blossoms from approximately 2,600 trees, including more than 300 trees over 100 years old, bloom in full glory in the park. The Hirosaki Sakura Festival is held from late April to early May every year. The park bustles with people enjoying rental boats, stalls and the illumination of cherry blossoms at night. It’s another way to enjoy the beauty of cherry blossoms and one which cannot be seen in daytime.

Festival Period April 23rd – May 5th
Access About 15 min from JR Hirosaki Station by the Konan bus towards city hall
About 5 min walk from the park entrance of the city hall
Konan bus
Address 1 Shimoshiroganecho, Hirosaki, Aomori Prefecture 036-8356, Japan
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Take the Tsugaru Railways to Kanagi Sakura Festival
Take the Tsugaru Railways to Kanagi Sakura Festival

The Tsugaru Railways run through the plains of Tsugaru peninsula from Tsugaru Goshogawara Station to Tsugaru Nakazato Station, a 45 minute ride with a total distance of 20.7 km (12.8 miles). The tranquil rural landscape that can be seen from the train attracts many visitors. The unique tunnel of cherry blossoms amidst the Tsugaru Railway / Ashino Park surroundings is a must-see attraction during the cherry blossom season.

Festival Period April 29th – May 6th
Address Kanagicho, Goshogawara, Aomori Prefecture 037-0202, Japan
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World's Longest Cherry Bloom Necklace Road
World's Longest Cherry Bloom "Necklace" Road

At the Southern foot of Mount Iwaki, there is a road lined with 6,500 Oyamazakura cherry trees, stretching for 20km. This road is also known as the world’s longest cherry blossom “necklace” road.  The pale pink of the cherry blossoms set against the lush green of the mountains adds to the spectacular view.

Festival Period Early May – Mid May
Address Kanagicho, Goshogawara, Aomori Prefecture 037-0202, Japan
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Estimated Time En Route 15 minutes by car
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