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Welcome To The Rockwood Hotel

Rockwood Hotel & Spa is situated along the slopes of Mount Iwaki in Aomori, Japan. The 188-room onsen hotel offers breathtaking views of the Sea of Japan and the peak of Mount Iwaki amongst 400 hectares of stunning national park.

Slope-Side Ski Resort Access

Ski-in and ski-out again, from the hotel directly on to the trails.

Summer At The Rockwood Hotel

Join us for a round of golf on the Arnold Palmer designed course!

Luxurious Comfort Surrounded By Nature

Escape to somewhere out of the ordinary. Lose yourself amidst the natural surroundings of Mt Iwaki.

We are resuming the offer of buffet dinner and breakfast on September 30th, Wednesday.


Due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection, we have postponed providing buffet meals, but we are resuming it, taking safety measures in accordance with the Guidelines issued by the government.

(*) Depending on the situation, a set menu might be offered.


[Measures to Prevent Coronavirus Infection]

Part of the menu will be provided in small plates and dishes.

Some dishes will be served by the staff.

We will replace utensils such as serving tongs and cutlery regularly.

Tableware and trays will be properly cleaned and sterilized.


[Request to hotel guests]

When entering the restaurant, please disinfect your hands with the sanitizer.

Please wear masks and sanitary gloves when taking buffet dishes. (Hygiene gloves are available at the restaurant.)

To secure proper social distance, we are reducing the number of seats in the restaurant and limiting the number of guests.

Meals are separated into two parts, 70-minutes each.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Rockwood Hotel & Spa

Our preventive measures against the Covid-19 virus

We, Rockwood Hotel & Spa, take the following precautions to prevent the spread of coronavirus disease for the safety and security of our team members and guests.

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

【Precautions to stop the spread of coronavirus disease】

 1. Placement of sanitizing sprays

Hand sanitizing sprays are placed inside the hotel, including elevators, restrooms, onsen, and restaurant.

 2. Disinfection work

Disinfection work is performed preferentially at places where direct contacts occur frequently.

 3. Mask wearing

We always wear a mask at work.

 4. Health check

We ask hotel guests to take temperatures, fill in the health check sheet, and inform us of the place of the previous stay and that of the next visit.

If you have a fever of 37.5 degrees or more, we may ask you to refrain from staying at the hotel.

 5. Room cleaning

Room cleaning is followed by ventilating and disinfection work after check out.

 6. Social distances

Meals, both dinner and breakfast, are divided into two sections.

Guests may be asked to use onsen up to 40 minutes within the maximum of 15 people, when crowded.

In the shop, we set capacity up to 3 groups or 8 people.

Capacity of each elevator is 4 people.

 【Requests to Guests】

 Please practice hand sanitizing when entering the hotel and wear a mask during your stay at the hotel.

In case you feel that your physical condition is not good, please inform us of it immediately.

If you have a high fever or you are in poor shape, please refrain from visiting the hotel.

【Precautions performed by employees】

 We take our temperature and fill in the health check form before work, and wear a mask at work.

Anyone who has a fever of 37 degrees or more never comes to work.

We perform hand washing, gargling, and disinfecting regularly.


Rockwood Hotel & Spa

Ski Resort

Slopes on your doorstep.

Indoor and Outdoor Onsen

Beautiful open-air hot springs.

Golf Course

18 holes of golfing bliss.

Multiple Restaurants

Dining options to please every palate.

Summer Activities

Activities for the whole family.

Entertainment Facilities

Gym, theatre and a shop.

Book your stay at The Rockwood Hotel & Spa

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Hot Springs

The Rockwood Hotel open-air hot springs overlook the Sea of Japan and command stunning views all year round.

Exercise and Activities

The lush nature of the great outdoors in Aomori is the perfect setting to lose yourself in a multitude of outdoor activities.

Delicious Cuisine

A variety of dining options from international dishes to exquisite local specialties that will please any palate.