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The Rockwood Hotel now offers fully guided trekking adventures to the best hiking spots in Aomori, Japan.

Mt Iwaki trekking

Go High! Experience the fantastic view from the highest point in Aomori Prefecture. Known as the Fuji of Tsugaru, the stratovolcano called Mt. Iwaki serves as the iconic landmark of the Tsugaru Peninsula.

Trekkers hiking Mt Iwaki

Choose between four different starting points, each leading down a unique trail of varying difficulties. The Skyline course, beginning at the car-accessible 8th station, is best for less experienced hikers or those short on time. The Dake course is longer and more difficult, starting at the base of the mountain and passing through some iconic beech forests. The Akakura and Hyakuzawa courses are best for experienced hikers looking for a challenging but fulfilling day. The final stretch of each course consists of a steep sections of boulders ending at the summit.

View from Mt Iwaki

The view from the summit is worth the effort! The peak offers stunning panoramic views in all directions. From Shirakami Sanchi to the south, to the plains of Tsugaru Peninsula to the north; from the Hakkoda Mountains to the east to the Sea of Japan to the west, nearly all of Aomori Prefecture is visible on clear days! It’s no wonder Iwaki has a seat among the 100 great mountains of Japan.

Anmon Falls trail

Hikers beside Anmon Falls

Go Deep! Head far into the strictly protected forests of Shirakami Sanchi to see the three gorgeous Anmon Falls. With a total drop of 105 meters, this pristine set of waterfalls is as formidable as it is beautiful.

Hikers guided into pool at Anmon FallsYou are guaranteed to get wet! Proper shoes for the conditions can be rented at the hotel.

The trail begins at the Aqua Green Village campground and follows the Anmon River all the way to the falls. While the path is somewhat in disarray due to repeated floods and rockslides, our knowledgeable guides will escort you along the narrow trails and multiple river crossings as safely as possible.

River pool on Anmon Falls trail
Several cliff jumping opportunities await for those with a taste for adrenaline.

The beauty of this UNESCO World Heritage Site is unrivaled, and a must visit for all true nature lovers. The virgin beech forest are said to have inspired scenes in Hayao Miyazaki’s film Princess Mononoke.

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