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Rockwood Cycling Tours

Ride the winding smooth tarmac of Aomori Prefecture, among ancient mountains, shrines, lakes and streams.

The 2019 Summer Tour

Here at the Rockwood Hotel & Spa we’re passionate about cycling!

We’re currently partnering with a few selected road bike operators to bring our customers some of the best cycling experiences Japan has to offer.

Rockwood Hotel & Spa recently partnered with Japan Travel and we will be offering a cycling tour in 2019. For further information and reservations, visit this website.

Outlands Tour

Rockwood Hotel & Spa has partnered with The Outlands Tour to provide a four-day to six-day supported riding package through Aomori.

Experience the sights our prefecture has to offer, from the breathtaking rapids and waterfalls of Oirase Valley, to the epic ride along the coast to Cape Tappi, all from the unique perspective offered by bicycle.