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Guided Hikes and Walks

Explore the beauty of Mount Iwaki and the UNESCO World Heritage Site, Shirakami-Sanchi, with our qualified, in-house mountain guides.

Private and Customized Tours

In this program, we offer private and customized tours from easy hiking to strenuous mountaineering. An in-house exclusive mountain guide produces your own hiking or trekking activities answering your requests and needs.

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Please check out the flyer for the detailed information including procedure, things to bring, and cost. Please also feel free to ask us about courses which are not introduced in the flyer.

Recommended Course A : Juniko

The hotel is accessible to the Juniko area of the Shirakami Mountain Range, the World Heritage District. You will explore Aoike Pond with its mysterious color and Japan Canyon with its magnificent cliffs.

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Recommended Course B : Anmon Falls

Anmon Falls consist of three grand falls in Shirakami World Heritage Site. Among them, the highest is 42 meters.

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Recommended Course C : Mt. Iwaki

Mt. Iwaki is one of the best 100 mountains in Japan and the highest mountain in Aomori (1,625m), called Tsugaru-Fuji. Rockwood Hotel & Spa is situated at the foot of Mt. Iwaki. The hotel was named after Iwaki which exactly means Rock and Wood. The mountain has several trails, from easy ones to strenuous ones, appealing to all levels of trekkers.